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Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars

In the past ten years, Whangarei’s bar scene and quality of restaurants has improved in leaps and bounds. Whangarei Central Holiday Park is just a two minute ride from the centre of town. There are a range of awesome restaurants with cuisines ranging from Indian, Thai, Mediterranean, to continental. There are great bars too, suiting different vibes and atmospheres. Below is a list of some of our favourite restaurants and bars in Whangarei.

Our Top 8 Restaurants

  1. Dickens Inn
  2. Khane Bahar Indian Restaurant and Bar
  3. Suk Jai Thai Restaurant
  4. TopSail
  5. Tonic Restaurant
  6. Split Bar & Restaurant
  7. Fat Camel
  8. Schnappa Rock

Dickens Inn

An eclectic location with a storied history, Dickens Inn has been serving Whangarei and visitors for over 21 years. It’s a local institution, and a relaxing place to connect and enjoy great food and drink. They serve high quality meals made from local produce throughout the day, with a large selection of beers, ales and fine wines. Every Tuesday, they run a fabulous quiz night, and regularly have live local bands performing.

Phone: 09-430 0405




Khane Bahar Indian Restaurant and Bar

Khane Bazaar is the go-to destination for Indian cuisine in Whangarei (it is also reasonably priced). You will not be disappointed. With authentic traditional cuisine ranging from mango lassi to malai kofta, the highest-rated restaurant in Whangarei on Tripadvisor has something to offer everyone. Khane Bahar is a perfect spot to rest and unwind, thanks to its pleasant ambience and friendly service.

Phone: 09-437 5151



Suk Jai Thai Restaurant

Suk Jai is the ideal choice for real Thai cuisine and a pleasant dining experience. With lovely waitresses dressed in traditional Thai clothing, when it comes to the quality of the service, this place has it in abundance. The Thai Prime Minister awarded the restaurant the prestigious "Thai Select" Award in 2013. This recognises Thai restaurants outside Thailand which serve authentic Thai cuisine of the highest standard.

Phone: 09-437 7287




One of Whangarei's best restaurants, the cuisine and drink served here are of the highest calibre. TopSail is known for its high-quality cuisine, a cosy atmosphere, and breathtaking views. Northland's bounty is highlighted prominently in TopSail's menu.

Phone: 09-436 2985


Tonic Restaurant

A cozy, intimate restaurant in the heart of the city's downtown, Tonic is one of our favourite spots for special occasions. The menu is refreshed twice a year, and it always includes fresh seasonal ingredients that are sourced as close to home as feasible. Tonic's wonderful food, friendly customer service, and pleasant atmosphere throughout the entire dining experience make it a delight everytime we visit.

Phone: 09-437 5558


Split Bar & Restaurant

“Delicious, Fantastic service, relaxed atmosphere”. These are the words Split lives by. The restaurant, located in the centre of Whangarei, serves expertly prepared local produce complimented by wonderful local wines. Split is popular with locals and travellers, so make a reservation in advance.

Phone: 09-438 0999



Fat Camel

When it comes to Israeli cuisine, Fat Camel is the place to go in Whangarei. Catering to a wide range of dietary needs, meals are prepared on location using the freshest ingredients. For vegetarians and meat eaters alike, there is a wonderful and nutritious supper waiting for you. Try Fat Camel, a Tel Aviv-based restaurant, today.

Phone: 09-438 0831


Schnappa Rock

Schnappa Rock, a Northland icon located on the Tutukaka bay, is a gathering point for locals, Kiwi tourists, and international tourists. The Restaurant & Bar, located near Poor Knights Diving Reserve, is the ideal spot to unwind at the end of a day spent diving beneath the turquoise waves.

Phone: 09-434 3774


Where to stay while you explore Whangarei’s Restaurants & Bars?

We're proud of Whangarei's Food, and would love to share it with you. If you're keen to get out there, there's no better place to stay than our very own Whangarei Central Holiday Park. Our expert team and facilities are perfect for setting you up for any other adventure our region has to offer. We offer a bed for every budget.

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